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spring time in “my garden”

i know i havent posted for ages… have been off and i have had some lovey brides&grooms to meet and wonderful weddings to photograph!!! so a lot has been happening in “my garden” over the […]

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mahonia “winter sun”

apologies for not posting some garden images sooner…I’ve been away for a week (lovely time!) however i photographed this image before i left……….. its of my gorgeous mahonia plant with its ornamental evergreen (very spikey) leaves and […]

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an ocean of crocuses…..

sorry guys…i couldn’t resist posting yet another image of my beautiful crocuses in full bloom in full sunshine….in fact its just an ocean of crocuses !!! hope you’ve had a good week and enjoyed this wonderful […]

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a sea of crocuses

a couple of weeks ago, i just had a few single crocuses flowering in my garden…now that the temperature has risen a bit….i have a sea of crocuses covering huge areas of my lawn and […]

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my garden – the simple spring crocus

i always know spring is in the air when the crocus pops up – the flower head is still closed but in a few weeks, ill have a blanket of them in full bloom across […]

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an emerging hellebore

as i was looking round my garden to find something to photograph on monday i found my beautiful deep purple hellebore was just about to flower bracing itself against the snowy weather. these flowers, also known as christmas […]

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a study of witchhazel

which hazel (Hamamelis) is one of the only flowering shrubs which blooms in early spring. ever since I’ve been a girl we had a witch hazel tree growing at home in ireland. i loved it so […]

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my garden – the snow & drops

i thought for the next year i would post a wee photographic record from my garden each week (or almost each week!!) … for those of you who may have visited me at my studio – will […]

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