my garden – the snow & drops

i thought for the next year i would post a wee photographic record from my garden each week (or almost each week!!) …

for those of you who may have visited me at my studio – will well know how steep my garden is – in fact its particularly inaccessible – well it just feels like that anyway!! I’m a avid gardener or pretend to be anyway and i particularly love growing my own veggies. every week – something sprouts in my garden, including a mass of unwelcoming weeds and i just thought it would be quite nice to keep a record of it over the next year.

below is an image i photographed on Saturday just after a wee fall of snow…the poor snow drops don’t know whether they are coming or going in this weather (nor do i really!!!) but i just love an image of snowdrops in the first fall of snow!!! I’m not entirely sure what variety this ….but I’m sure someone out there will know ??? JX

snow & snowdrops 1

ISO 500   1/2500   F/2.8    70MM

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