JUJU Greystones 2014 fashion photo shoot

at last….JUJU’s fashion shoot featuring her autumn & winter collections from the “Best Boutique in Ireland” – well done sis!! based around our hometown of greystones, JUJU wanted to feature a more natural & village theme to our photo shoot this year, and i am sure you will agree the images are amazing. thankfully we had a beautiful day (and i mean thankfully as poor caroline on several occasions had to brace the irish sea!!).

thank you to our model caroline, for her total patience and amazing beauty, to nora (hope you like the photo??) for her endless care and attention & help with the photo shoot, to avalon, our professional make up artist & to sandra for her amazing hairdressing skills. and of course to JUJU (sorry no photo), for her fantastic clothes, styling, advice, chatter & coffee.
thank you also to all the businesses in greystones for lending us their shop frontage. i hope you’ll enjoy this sneak peek ……..JXX

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